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  Deer  & Rabbits 

Tolerant Plants

Is the wildlife feasting on your prize perennials?  Do your plants disappear over night? 

There are few permanent solutions.  But there are plants which are less attractive to these critters.  Many plants are not attractive to deer and rabbits.  These include plants with milky sap, thorns, thick heavy leaves, furry or rough leaves, most succulents (like Sedum), most silver plants, and most “stinky” or strong flavored plants (i.e., most herbs).   Below is a list to get you started.  However, we make no promises!  If pest populations are high, they may eat relatively unpalatable foods.  NONE of these plants will protect nearby plants!  Try not to plant “deer magnets” such as red beets and hostas, or “rabbit magnets” such as tulips.  The best deer repellants are stinky bar soaps, human hair, and human urine (applied daily)...    For rabbits we use dried hot chili peppers ground in a blender with warm water and drizzled on the plants.  This must be refreshed after a rain.  Also try trapping bunnies in the spring before they start breeding.

X means the plant is tolerant or not attractive to deer or rabbits
Latin name Common name Deer Rabbit
Achillea Yarrow X X
Aconitum Monkshood X  
Agastache Anise hyssop X X
Alchemilla Lady’s Mantle X X
Allium Onion family, including chives &  leeks X  
Anemone Wind Flower X X
Aquilegia Columbine X X
Artemesia Wormwoods, inc. French tarragon  & sweet Annie X X
Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly weed (and other milkweeds) X  
Baptisia False indigo X  
Bergenia Saxifrage X X
Latin name Common name Deer Rabbit
Brunnera Siberian bugloss X X
Calamintha Calamint X  
Campsis radicans Trumpet vine X  
Centaurea Perennial bachelor’s button   X
Centranthus Jupiter’s Beard X X
Chelone Turtlehead X  
Cimicifugia Cohosh, snakeroot, bugbane X X
Clematis  clematis X  
Delphinium Perennial larkspur X  
Dianthus gratian. Cheddar pinks X  
Dicentra Bleeding heart X X
Digitalis Foxglove X X
Echinacea Coneflower X  
Eupatorium Joe-Pye-Weed X X
Euphorbia Spurges with milky sap X X
Latin name Common name Deer Rabbit
Ferns, most Jap. painted, lady, sensitive, ostrich, etc X  
Gaillardia Blanket flower X  
Galium Sweet woodruff X X
Geranium  Cranesbills X X
Grasses, most ornamentals Calamagrostis, miscanthus, panicum, etc X miscanthus
Hedera English ivy X  
Heuchera Coral Bells X X
Hosta Hosta   X
Lamiastrum Yellow archangel X  
Lamium Dead nettle X X
Lavandula Lavender X  
Liatris Blazing star X  
Ligularia Golden ray X  
Mentha Mints,incl. peppermint, spearmint, applemint X  
Monarda Beebalm X  
Latin name Common name Deer Rabbit
Nepeta Catmint and other nepetas X X
Oenothera Evening primrose X  
Pachysandra Creeping spurge X  
Penstemon Beardtongue   X
Perovskia Russian sage X  
Rudbeckia Black-eyed Susan & gloriosa daisies X  
Salvia Sages (perennial) X  
Santolina Lavender cotton X  
Sedum Stonecrop X  
Solidago Goldenrod X  
Stachys Lambs ears X  
Stokesia Stokes aster X  
Tanacetum Tansy X  
Thymus Thymes, incl. culinary and creeping ones X  
Veronica Speedwell X  


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