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Growing Fruit Since 1840


Growing your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding.  Most store-bought vegetables can’t match the flavor of homegrown. Vine-ripened tomatoes have fuller flavor,  Cucumbers are sweet and refreshing, Leaf lettuce is crisp, Basil is fresh and aromatic and the list goes on and on. Whether you’re a gardening novice or planting a garden for the first time we have a large variety of vegetable plants for all skill sets.  Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions before you purchase and we will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

All our vegetable plants are grown without pesticides. Come early for the largest selection.

*We have been extra busy this year!  We are sold out of all tomatoes and peppers, thank you for your understanding.

Vegetable Plants We Offer...
Brussel's Sprouts
Carrot, Little Fingers (mini)
Cucumbers (multiple varieties)
Edible Flowers (multiple varieties)
Eggplant, (multiple varieties)
Ground Cherry
Herbs (See Herbs Page)
Kale(green, purple)
Lettuce (multiple varieties)
Malabar spinach
Peppers (See pepper section below)
Yellow neck squash
Patty pan Squash
Acorn Squash
Butternut Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Salad Burnet
Strawberry, alpine
Swiss Chard
Tomatoes (See Tomato Section Below)
Tomato Plants
BrandywineLargeRed90Heirloom. Best flavor- true tomato taste.
Cherokee CarbonLargeBlack/Purple78Heirloom marriage. Produces more fruit than its parents.
Cherokee PurpleLargeMahogany85Native American Heirloom. 8-12 oz pink/purple. Crack resistant.
DesterLargePink80German Heirloom. 1 pound. Has heavy yields. Usually not lobed or gnarly
GenuwineLargeRed75Heirloom marriage. Cross between brandywine and costoluto genovese.
BeefsteakMedium LargeRed80Heirloom. Rich flavor, excellent slicer.
Better BoyMedium LargeRed75Firm Fruits. Adaptable, prolific, outstanding flavor. Very reliable in all weather.
Black KrimMedium LargeMahogany69Russian Heirloom. Excellent rich smokey, salty flavor. Good yeilds.
CelebrityMedium LargeRed70Semi determinate. Prolific. Meaty fruit.
Comstock S&SMedium LargeRed80Italian variety. Meaty, roma shape, can get up to 1lb. Very few seeds. Good for canning and sauces.
Lemon BoyMedium LargeYellow70Low acid, sweet, nice flavor. Incredibly productive.
Mountain MeritMedium LargeRed75Beefsteak type- 12 oz. Full, rich flavor. Early and late blight resistant.
Woodle OrangeMedium LargeTangerine75Iowa Heirloom. Exquisitely rich old-fashioned flavor. Productive.
Better BushMediumRed68Heavy yields. Great for pots.
Early DollMediumRed55Extra early, extra tasty. Firm slesh, smooth skin. Great for salads, slicing, and salsa.
Illinois BeautyMediumPink80Heirloom. Great flavor, crack free, good disease resistance. Sets fruit even in very hot weather. Good yields.
Paul RobesonMediumRed Brick90Russian Heirloom. Sweet and smokey flavor.
Bloody ButcherMedium SmallRed55Heirloom. Old-fashioned flavor. Early producer with a high yield.
Green ZebraMedium SmallGreen78Crack and disease resistant. Sweet with a sharp bite.
Juanne FlammeMedium SmallOrange75Blend of sweet and tart. Great for drying/roasting.
Amish PastePlum/PasteRed80American Heirloom. Huge, meaty, and tasty. Thick flesh with few seeds.
Polish LinguisaPlum/PasteRed73Polish Heirloom. Productive, sweet, and delicious. A great tomato for making paste, sauce, or drying.
RomaPlum/PasteRed75Very prolific. Small bush. Standard paste tomato. Large Containers.
San MarzanoPlumRed85Thick flesh, few seeds. Sweet with less acid.
SungoldCherryGold65Extra early. Very sweet unbeatable flavor.
Super Sweet 100CherryRed65Branched clusters. Very sweet. Indeterminate.
Chocolate CherryCherryMahogany75Heirloom. Sweet flavor. Keeps well and is crack resistant.
Little BitesCherryRed65Offer a steady supply of sweet, tasty, cherry tomatoes. Containers.
Sweet MillionCherryRed72Prolific. One of the best flavors in a red cherry. Very sweet.
Yellow PearCherryyellow75Heirloom. Pear shaped. Low acid. Prolific.
JulietGrapeRed65Sweet, meaty, and crack resistant. Stores well on and off the vine.
MarzineraGrapeRed70Heirloom marriage of san marzano and cream sausage. 2-3 oz meaty, flavorful.
Pepper Plants
King ArthurSweetGreen>red59Huge, early, and high yielding. Adapted to many garden situations. Good flavor
Red BeautySweetGreen>red68Large and early to turn red bell pepper. Sweet and productive.
Ace Sweet Bell PepperSweetGreen>red60Early, and early to turn red. Produces well even in cold weather.
Etiuda Orange BellSweetOrange75Polish Heirloom. Extra large, blocky bell pepper, very sweet and juicy. Outstanding flavor.
GypsySweetYellow>red60One of our favorite sweet peppers. Great taste. Thick flesh. Productive.
Carmen (Italian Bulls Horn)SweetRed60Italian Heirloom. Early and incredibly sweet. Horn shaped. Easy productive and adaptable. Our favorite sweet pepper. AAS Award Winner. Good for salads, stir fires, eggs.
EscamilloSweetgold60Golden counterpart to Carmen. 8 inch long fruits are horn shaped, thick walled, and very sweet. Very productive and compact. AAS Award winner.
Giant MarconiSweetRed68Huge 2-3 lobed, super sweet. 8 inch long horn shaped fruits with thick walls.
Pretty N' SweetSweetgreen>red60Sweet and ornamental. Lots of 1 1/2 inch long fruits on tidy, compact plants. Perfect for containers. AAS Award winner.
Sweet BananaSweet yellow>red66Heirloom. Large plants with loads of long, narrow, bright yellow fruits ripening to red. AAS award winner.
Hot pepperMildRed75Great for chili sauces.
Holey MoleyMildDark GreenLong and thin with a spicy, nutty flavor. Good for mole sauces.
ShishitoMildGreen60Japanese heirloom. Sweet with a little heat. Lots of 3-4 inch long peppers produced all summer. Outstanding charred with sesame seeds.
PaprikaMildRed85Heirloom. Use dried to make an excellent paprika powder
Anaheim (Big Chile)MildGreen68Excellent yield of large anaheims. Nice roasted or stuffed.
Hungarian Wax (Hot Banana)Moderateyellow67Heirloom. Spicy hot, banana shaped. Great for pickling, subs, sandwiches.
TAM JalapenoModerateGreenGreat yields. Later Jalapeno, milder flavor.
Early JalapenoHotGreen>red65Original hot flavor for authentic Mexican cooking and picking. Heavy Yield. 2,500 - 8,000 Scoville.
SerranoHotGreen73High yields, semi - determinate plants. 6,000 Scoville.
Super ChiliVery Hotred75Great for chili. Compact, attractive, highly productive. Excellent in pots. 40,000 - 50,000 Scoville.
CayenneVery HotRed70Tasty, very hot. High yield of long thin peppers. Easy to dry and make cayenne pepper. 30,000 - 50,000 Scoville.
HabeneroSuper HotOrange90Heirloom. Very hot. Citrus flavor good for rubs, mixed powders. 100,000+ Scoville.
GhostHOT!!Red100855,000+ scoville. One of the hottest in the world.