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Sweet and juicy or firm and crunchy, we have homegrown pears for you.

We have pears for eating, canning and preserves (in season).

Come to our orchard and enjoy the taste of freshly picked, tree ripened pears.


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Variety Harvest season Flavor
AURORA Late August / early September Sweet smooth eating pear. Very delicate flavor.  Has a buttery creamy texture when yellow.
BARTLETT Mid-September Sweet fine grained flesh.  Excellent canning pear.  Store in refrigerator.  Use when stem area is soft.  Set out at room temperature to ripen.
CLAPPS FAVORITE Late August Sweet and very fine grained.  Excellent eating and canning.  Use within 10-14 days.  Store in refrigerator. 
COMICE Late October / November World class flavor.  Last to ripen but worth the wait.
D'ANJOU Late October Sweet eating.  Keep refrigerated.  Ripen at room temperature.
DEVOE Mid-September Honey sweet and fine grained.  This is a green skinned pear.  Use BEFORE OR WHEN top of pear (by stem) is soft.
EMERALD Early October Sweet fine grained pear.  Smooth creamy flesh.  This is a green skinned pear.  Use when top of pear is soft!
FLEMISH BEAUTY Mid-September Very sweet eating and canning pear.  Thin delicate skin.  Store in refrigerator.
LINCOLN Late September Crisp and tart eating and preserving pear.  Coarse grained flesh.  One of our best preserving pears.  Holds it's shape when canned or preserved.  Store in fridge.  Old fashioned flavor.
PARKER Early October Our best pear!  Sweet and delicious!  Medium textured flesh.  Bakes firm. Will hold it's slice in pear pie.  Keep cold (refrigerate).  Stores for several weeks when peel is green.
RED BARTLETT Mid-September A sweeter Bartlett pear.  More flavor than the yellow Bartlett.  Keep cold.  Use when under" color turns from green to yellow."
STARKS DELICIOUS Early October Crisp semi-sweet eating and preserving pear.  Will crunch like an apple. Makes excellent preserves!  Holds it's slice in a jar. Refrigerate.

Strawberries, Sugar Snap Peas, Apples, Pears, Plums, Pumpkins, Herbs and Perennials ....

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The Barthel family farm has been

growing fruit for 179 years!