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Tired of planting annuals every year?  Tired of paying for them?  Discover the fun of perennials: plants that come up year after year and provide a great variety of blossom colors and leaf textures that change with the seasons.  We have a wide selection of perennials for every location: sun to shade, tall to short, dry to wet soils.


We grow our own plants and take great care to keep them healthy.  We do not use chemical pesticides: not herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides.  Below is a list of most of the perennials we grow.  Not all varieties are available at all times, though we have a very wide selection from April 30th  through September.  Our standard pot size is a "quart" (4.5 inch pot), but we also grow some "gallons" and larger; ground covers may be in 3.5 inch pots.


Plant sales start here at the farm April 30th and continue daily through the middle of July.  After that time, our hours at the farm are slightly restricted, but plants are also available at Farmers Markets.  Perennials are available again daily in September during regular Apple Barn Hours.  Please call the farm for current hours.  We are known for our healthy plants, good gardening advice, and competitive prices.  So come on out early and often to stock up on our premium perennial plants.

We are occasionally able to do site visits to help you deal with difficult garden situations.  We also have an expert private gardener on staff who does excellent garden installation, maintenance, and clean up.  Please inquire.


We do not sell flats of bedding plants (petunias, geraniums, ageratums etc).  However, we do have a great selection of annuals which are fantastic for containers.  We also grow a wide range of Herbs, both annual and perennial, and Tomatoes, Peppers, and other Vegetables.


EXPANDED SELECTION: CONTAINER GARDENS AND HANGING BASKETS, featuring a delicious mixture of annuals, perennials, herbs, and grasses.


Strawberries, Peas, Apples, Pears, Pumpkins, Herbs, Perennials, AnnualsTomatoes, Peppers, Vegetables.


2017 Perennial plant list



Agastache, Bolero anise hyssop "Bolero"
Ajuga black scallop bugleweed "Black Scallop"
Alcea country romance  hollyhock "Country Romance"
Alchemilla mollis  lady's mantle
Allium tuberosum chives, garlic
Allium proliferum onion, Egyptian walking
Anemone vitifolia robustissima grapeleaf anemone
Aralia cordata 'Sun King' Japanese spikenard
Artemesia dracunculus French tarragon
Asarum canadensis              NATIVE Canadian wild ginger
Asarum europaeum European wild ginger
Asclepias incarnata                NATIVE Swamp milkweed
Asclepias syriaca Common milkweed
Asclepias tuberosa               NATIVE Butterfly milkweed
Asclepias verticillata             NATIVE Whorled milkweed
Astilbe X Delft Lace Delft Lace Astilbe
Astragalus Huang qi (Milk Vetch root)
Baptisia australis                   NATIVE false indigo, blue
Belamcanda chinensis blackberry lily
Buddleia davidii 'Attraction' butterfly bush "Attraction"
Buddleia davidii 'Black Knight' butterfly bush "Black Knight"
Buddleia davidii 'Buzz Ivory' dwarf butterfly bush "Buzz Ivory"
Buddleia davidii 'Buzz Sky Blue' dwarf butterfly bush "Buzz Sky Blue"
Buddleia davidii 'Nanho Blue' butterfly bush "Nanho Blue"
Calamintha 'Blue Cloud' calamint "Blue Cloud"
Campanula glomerata Bellefleur White bellflower 'Bellfleur White'
Campanula portenschlagiana Blue Magic Dalmatian bellflower 'Blue Magic'
Caryopteris clandonensis dark knight blue mist spirea "Dark Knight"
Centaurea montana perennial bachelor's button
Centranthus rubra Jupiter's beard (aka Red Valerian)
Chelone obliqua                   NATIVE rose turtlehead
Clematis paniculata sweet autumn "Sweet Autumn" clematis
Clematis x Henryii "Henryii" clematis
Clematis x Jackmanii "Jackmanii" clematis
Clematis x Piilu (Little Duckling) Piilu Clematis
Clematis x Red Cardinal Red Cardinal Clematis
Clematis integrifolia 'Mongolian Bells' Mongolian Bells Clematis (Creeping)
Convalleria majalis Lily of the Valley
Coreopsis grandiflora Early Sunrise "Early Sunrise" tickseed 
Coreopsis verticillata 'Route 66' "Route 66" tickseed 
Coreopsis verticillata 'Red Satin' "Red Satin' tickseed 
Coreopsis Big Bang 'Cosmic Eye' "Cosmic Eye" tickseed 
Coreopsis Little Bang 'Daybreak' Daybreak' tickseed
Corydalis lutea yellow fumitory
Crocosmia Lucifer Corcosmia "Lucifer"
Delphinium, mag fount dk blue white bee Delphinium, mag fount dk blue white bee
Delphinium, mag fount sky blue white bee Delphinium, mag fount sky blue white bee
Delphinium, pacific giants Black Knight Delphinium, pacific giants Black Knight
Delphinium, pacific giants Blue Jay Delphinium, pacific giants Blue Jay
Dianthus chinensis parfait raspberry Chinese Pinks "Parfait Raspberry"
Dianthus Dancing Geisha Pinks 'Dancing Geisha'
Dicentra Gold Heart Bleeding Heart, "Gold Heart"
Dicentra King of Hearts Bleeding Heart, "King of Hearts"
Dicentra spectabilis Old-fashioned Bleeding Heart
Echinacea purpurea 'Cheyenne Spirit' Cheyenne Spirit' Coneflower
Echinacea purpurea 'Hot Papaya' "Hot Papaya" coneflower
Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus' "Magnus" purple coneflower
Echinacea purpurea 'Pink Double Delight' "Pink Double Delight" coneflower
Echinacea X 'Julia' "Raspberry Truffle" coneflower
Eryngium yuccafolium                  NATIVE Rattlesnake Master
Euonymous fortunei variegata variegated wintercreeper (green & white)
Eupatorium maculatum 'Gateway' Joe-Pye-Weed "Gateway"
Eupatorium maculatum 'Phantom'  Dwarf Joe-Pye-Weed "Phantom"
Euphorbia myrsinites Donkeytail spurge
fern, Adiantum pedatum                NATIVE Maidenhair Fern
fern, Athyrium felix-femina 'Lady in Red' Lady fern 'Lady in Red'
fern, Athyrium niponicum Pictum Japanese painted fern
fern, Dennstaedtia punctilobula Hay secented fern
fern, Onoclea sensibilis                 NATIVE Sensitive Fern
fern, Matteuccia struthiopteris     NATIVE Ostrich Fern
Filipendula rubra                           NATIVE Queen of the prairie
Frafraria vesca, alpine red Red Alpine Strawberry
Fragraria vesca vesca                 NATIVE Woodland strawberry
Gaillardia x grandiflora 'Arizona Sun' Blanket flower 'Arizona Sun'
Gaillardia x grandiflora 'Arizona Red Shades' Blanket flower 'Arizona Red Shades'
Gallium odoratum  Sweet woodruff
Gaura lindheimeri 'Siskiyou Pink' Butterfly gaura 'Siskiyou Pink'
Geranium maculatum 'Espresso' "Espresso" Cranesbill
Geranium sanguineum White Carpet' cranesbill
Geranium x' Dark Reiter' Dark Reiter' cranesbill
Geranium x Rozanne Rozanne' Cranesbill
grass, Calamag. acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' Karl Foerster Reed Grass
grass, Calamagrostis brachytricha Korean Feather Grass
grass, Carex Everest "Everest" Sedge
grass, Carex Ice Dance "Ice Dance" variegated sedge
grass, Miscanthus sinensis 'Blutenwonder' 'Blooming Wonder' Silver Grass
grass, Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light' "Morning Light" Silver Grass
grass, Miscanthus sinensis variegatus Variegated Silver Grass
grass, Molinia caerulea 'Moor Witch' Moor Witch Moor Grass
grass, Panicum virgatum 'Shenandoah' "Shenandoah" Switch Grass
grass, Penniset alopecuroides 'Redhead' "Redhead" Fountain Grass
grass,Schizachyrium scopariumNATIVE Little bluestem
grass, Schizac. scoparium 'The Blues' "The Blues" Little Bluestem
grass, Sporobolus heterolepis  NATIVE Prairie Dropseed
Heuchera macrantha 'Caramel' "Caramel" Coral Bells
Heuchera sanguinea 'Coral Petitel' "Coral Petite" Coral Bells
Heuchera sanguinea 'Snow Angel' "Snow Angel" Coral Bells
Heuchera x 'Amethyst Mist' "Amethyst Mist" Coral Bells
Heuchera x 'Citronelle' "Citronelle" Coral Bells
Heuchera x 'Coral Petite' "Coral Petite" Coral Bells
Heuchera x 'Georgia Peach' "Georgia Peach" Coral Bells
Heuchera x 'Green Spice' "Green Spice" Coral Bells
Heuchera x 'Peach Flambe' "Peach Flambe" Coral Bells
Heuchera X 'Venus' "Venus" Coral Bells
Heucherella x 'Leapfrog' "Leapfrog" Foamy Bells
Hibiscus moscheutos 'Plum Fantasy' "Plum Fantasy" Rose Mallow
Hibiscus moscheutos 'Summer Storm' "Summer Storm" Rose Mallow
Hibiscus moscheutos 'Lady Baltimore' "Lady Baltimore" Rose Mallow
Hibiscus moscheutos 'Midnight Marvel' "Midnight Marvel" Rose Mallow
Hosta x Hadspen Blue 'Hadspen Blue' Hosta
Hosta x Krossa Regal Krossa Regal' Hosta
Hosta fortunei 'Night Before Christmas' Hosta 'Night Before Christmas'
Hosta fortunei 'Patriot' Hosta 'Patriot'
Hosta 'Sagae' Hosta 'Sagae'
Hosta 'Sum & Substance' Hosta 'Sum  Substance'
Hyssopus officinalis Hyssop
Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote' Lavender "Hidcote"
Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead' Lavender "Munstead"
Lavandula x intermedia 'Phenomenal'' Lavender "Phenomenal" 
Lavender 'Goodwin Creek' (not hardy) Goodwin Creek' Lavendar (not hardy)
Leucanthemum x 'Becky' Shasta Daisy "Becky"
Liatris spicata 'Kobold' "Kobold" Blazing Star
Ligularia dentata 'Midnight Lady' "Midnight Lady" Golden-ray
Ligularia przewalskii Cutleaf Golden-ray
Lobelia cardinalis                    NATIVE Cardinal Flower
Lobelia syphilitica                    NATIVE Blue cardinal flower
Lonicera x 'Mandarin' Honeysuckle vine "Mandarin"
Lupinus x polyphyllus 'Gallery Blue' "Gallery Blue" lupine
Lychnis chalcedonica Maltese cross
Lychnis x arkwrightii 'Vesuvius' "Vesuvius" Campion
Monarda x Jacob Cline "Jacob Cline" Bee Balm
Nepeta mussenii  Catmint
Oenothera macrocarpa  'Sun Drops' "Sun Drops" Missouri Primrose
Oenothera tetragona Narrow-Leafed Sundrops
Origanum 'Kent Beauty' "Kent Beauty" Ornamental Oregano
Penstemon digitalis 'Dark Towers' "Dark Towers" Beardtongue
Perovskia atriplicifolia  Russian Sage
Persicaria filiformis 'Painter's Pallette' Painter's Palletter
Persicaria polymorpha Fleece Flower
Phlox paniculata 'David' "David" Tall Phlox
Phlox paniculata 'Glamour Girl' "Glamour Girl" Tall Phlox
Phlox paniculata 'Laura' "Laura" Tall Phlox
Phlox paniculata ' Minnie Pearl' "Minnie Pearl" Dwarf Phlox
Phlox paniculata 'Nora Leigh' "Nora Leigh" Tall Phlox
Phlox paniculata 'Starfire' "Starfire" Tall Phlox
Polemonium Stairway to Heaven Jacob's Ladder, 'Stairway to Heaven'
Polygonatum odoratum variegatum Solomon's Seal, Variegated 
Pulsatilla patens            N/A           NATIVE Pasque Flower                          N/A
Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm' "Goldsturm" Black-eyed Susan 
Rudbeckia fulgida 'Little Goldstar' "Little Goldstar" Black-eyed Susan 
Rudbeckia hirta 'Indian Summer' "Indian Summer" Gloriosa Daisy 
Rudbeckia nitida 'Autumn Sun' Coneflower, Shining  "Autumn Sun"
Sagina subulata  Irish Moss 
Sagina subulata 'Aurea' Scotch moss
Salix purpurea 'Nana' Dwarf Arctic Willow
Salvia argentea Silver Clary Sage
Salvia nemerosa 'Caradonna' "Caradonna" Sage
Sedum acre 'Oktoberfest' Oktoberfest sedum
Sedum floriferum Wehenstephaner Gold Weihenstephen's Gold Sedum
Sedum glaucophyllum 'Silver Frost' "Silver Frost" creeping sedum
Sedum kamtschaticum Variegatum Variegated Russian Sedum
Sedum oreganum Shiny creeping sedum
Sedum reflexum 'Angelina' "Angelina" creeping sedum
Sedum sieboldii October Daphne "October Daphne" sedum
Sedum spurium tricolor Tricolor Sedum
Sedum ternatum                    NATIVE Woodland sedum
Sedum takesemense Uulong Island Sedum
Sedum x Abby Dore Abby Dore sedum
Sedum x Autumn Joy Autumn Joy Sedum
Sedum x Fat Drop Fat Drop Sedum
Sempervivum tectorum hardy varieties Hens and Chicks
Silphium laciniatum               NATIVE Compass plant
Stachys grandiflora Big Ears Betony (Lambs Ears)
Stachys monnieri 'Hummelo' "Hummelo" Betony
Symphyandra Pendulous Bellflower
Tanacetum coccineum    'Robinson's Red' Painted Daisy 'Robinson's Red'
Thymus citriodora Lemon thyme
Thymus serpyllum  Mother of thyme
Thymus serpyllum pseudolanuginosis Woolly Thyme
Vernonia fasciculata             NATIVE Ironweed

Strawberries, Sugar Snap Peas, Apples, Pears, Plums, Pumpkins, Herbs and Perennials ....

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