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Tomatoes Plants...

These are the tomato plants we grow.  We grow only great tasting varieties that produce well in Wisconsin.   *Nino's personal favorites!


Strawberries, Peas, Apples, Pears, Pumpkins, Herbs, Perennials, AnnualsTomatoes, Peppers, Vegetables.


2017 Tomato varieties



Large BRANDYWINE, PINK (turtle tree) pink 90 Pennsylvania heirloom.  A strain of the famous oh-so-tasty tomato re-selected for higher productivity and less 'gnarly' shape.   1+ pound
Large CHEROKEE PURPLE mahogany 85 Native American heirloom.  8-12 oz pink/purple.  Crack resistant.  Tasty!
Large DESTER pink 80 German heirloom.  1 pound.  Wins many taste tests.  Heavy yields.  Usually not lobed or gnarly
Large ITALIAN TREE  a.k.a. 'Trip L Crop' red 80 Italian heirloom.  Surprising number of delicious 1-1 1/2 pound fruits on large, shrubby plants.  Usually not lobed.  We like this one a lot!
Large PINK ACCORDION pink 80 Heirloom.  1-2 lb, pleated pear-shaped fruits.  Gorgeous slices; great  for stuffing.  Sweet, mild, old-fashioned flavor.  Very productive.
Med. Large BEEFSTEAK Red 80 Heirloom.  Rich flavor; excellent slicer.  The original!
Med. Large BETTER BOY* red 75 Firm fruits; adaptable; prolific; outstanding flavor for a hybrid.  Very reliable in all weather!
Med. large    BLACK KRIM mahogany 69 Russian heirloom.  Excellent rich smoky, salty flavor; good yields.
Med. large LEMON BOY* yellow 70 Low acid; sweet, nice flavor; smooth & attractive.  Incredibly productive.
Med. large JETSETTER red 64 Early, wonderful flavor, and great disease resistance.  8 oz fruits similar to Better Boy
Med. large MOUNTAIN MERIT   red 75 Beefsteak type-12 oz.  Full,rich flavor.  Early & late blight resistant!
Med. large RUTGERS 250 red 75 Medium large (7 oz); great flavor; thick walled, meaty.  Excellent all purpose and canning.  Reselected strain of most popular tomato ever!
Med. large WOODLE ORANGE** tangerine 75 Iowa heirloom. Exquisitely rich old-fashioned flavor. Productive.  Smooth attractive skin
Medium EARLY DOLL* red 55 Extra early, extra tasty.  Firm flesh, smooth skin.  Great for salads, slicing, salsa.  Recommended.
Medium ILLINOIS BEAUTY *          pink 80 Heirloom.  Great flavor; crack free; good disease resistance.  Sets fruit even in very hot weather.  Good yields.  Recommended.
Medium STELLAR red 70 Great flavor and yields. Resistant to Late Blight,  Early Blight & Septoria Leaf Spot.  Our 3 worst diseases. 5-7 oz.  Determinate.
Medium ULTRA GIRL red 62 Productive, astonishly great old-time tomato taste in an EARLY 6-8 oz fruit. Multiple disease resistance.  Semi-determinate.
Med. small BLOODY BUTCHER  red 55 Heirloom.  Old-fashioned flavor; high yield.  A favorite!
Med. small GREEN ZEBRA green 78 Heirloom (?).  Crack & disease resistant; tangy, not sweet.
Plum/paste AMISH PASTE red 80 American Heirloom. Huge; meaty; tasty; thick flesh; few seeds.
Plum/paste BLACK ICICLE          mahogany 80 Ukraine heirloom.  5 oz.  Meaty, sweet and rich flavor. 
Plum/paste POLISH LINGUISA* red 73 Polish Heirloom. 8 oz (large for this class); productive; sweet & delicious!
Plum/paste ROMA red 75 Very prolific.  Small bush.  Standard paste tomato.
Plum/paste TEN FINGERS OF NAPLES red 75 Italian heirloom.  Clusters of richly flavored paste tomatoes resemble fat fingers. 
Cherry SUNGOLD****** gold 65 Extra early. Very sweet; unbeatable flavor. Our favorite cherry.
Cherry CHOCOLATE Cherry*  mahogany 75 Heirloom.  Sweet flavor.  Keeps well.  Crack resistant.
Cherry LITT'L BITES red 65 English variety bred for containers.  Steady supply of sweet, tasty cherry tomatoes.
Cherry SWEET BABY  GIRL* red 65 Outstanding flavor.  Crack resistant; keeps well.
Cherry SWEET MILLION* red 72 Very prolific.  The best flavor in a red cherry.  Very sweet.
Cherry YELLOW PEAR yellow 75 Heirloom.  Pear shaped.  Low acid.  Very prolific.
Grape JULIET red 65 Sweet; meaty; crack-resistant.  Best grape tomato.  Stores well on and off vine.

Strawberries, Sugar Snap Peas, Apples, Pears, Plums, Pumpkins, Herbs and Perennials ....

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