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Growing Fruit Since 1840

About our farm and family

The farm was established in 1839 when August Barthel arrived from the German province of Pomerania. He and his family farmed and raised dairy animals, but he was also known for his interest in orchards and tree grafting.

In 1907 his son, Joseph Barthel, purchased a farm next to the homestead and planted another orchard. The Barthel’s continued to produce dairy products and fruit until 1956. At that time, Joseph’s son, Armin Barthel and his wife, Nora, decided to expand their fruit-growing operation and sold off the dairy business. The orchard was expanded and strawberries were added.

In 1978, Armin’s son, Bob Barthel, bought the business and added systems for monitoring insects, disease, and environmental conditions.

In 2019 Bob sold the business to Jeff and Sue Knudsen.  Sue grew up down the road from the farm and started working here at the age of 12 and worked till she went to college.  She then went to the Connecticut Culinary Arts Institute where she meet Jeff who was attending college for diesel technology.  Jeff, who is a Vermont native, moved with Sue back to Wisconsin.  They were both looking for a career change and started working at Barthel’s together.  They became the farm managers and eventually ended up moving on the property with their two children.  Sue added the bakery in 2016. Jeff is looking forward to applying a farming system that is more sustainable—environmentally, economically, and socially.   Together they hope to continue to bring you a fresh tasting, healthy, and high quality product for many years to come.

We can be reached at 262-242-2737 during the harvest season or email when we are closed for the season.