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BARTHEL’s Greenhouse

Our greenhouse opens in May.  We offer a unique variety of perennials, herbs, annuals, succulents, vegetable plants, mixed containers and hanging baskets. Come early for the largest selection!

For all greenhouse inquiries please email our greenhouse manager, Lindsey at:

Frequently asked plant questions:

  • Cilantro is a self seeding annual.  To make your plant viable longer, give it some shade relief during the heat of the day.  Morning sun is best since it is cooler.  If your plant does go to seed just let it-in a few weeks you should have baby cilantro!

  • Lavender needs well drained soil.  Here in Wisconsin we have a lot of clay.  Try amending your soil with some gravel or perlite.  This will allow the roots to receive water but not stay saturated.  Leave your plant “woody” over the winter.  Once you see new green growth in spring(usually late April) trim it just above this growth.  You will then have a full, beautiful lavender plant during the season.

  • Yes!  Rosemary is a finicky one but it is possible.  We have had the best success with using a 3-seasons type room.  The plant should not freeze(32 degrees or below).  Natural light is best, direct sun is not necessary.  Most important is to limit the water, plant should stay moist but not wet.  We typically only water the rosemary about 2-3 times over the winter.  Slowly start to increase the light and water in February—it will be hungry!  Fertilize lightly and repot if necessary-fresh soil always helps.

  • Spring in Wisconsin is always fun and by fun we mean a roller coaster of weather.  As much as we are itching to get out there, it’s best to wait until overnight temperatures are consistently around 45-50 degrees.  There are early plants that can tolerate these temperatures such as greens, kales, chives, parsley and most perennials are breaking dormancy.  The best time to plant tomatoes and peppers is typically Memorial Day Weekend or slightly before.  Of course, every year here is different!  Always check the weather forecast.  When in doubt, wait.

  • Yes!  Succulents do great in containers during the heat of the summer.  Do not allow plant to freeze.  Put outside mid-end of May and leave outside until Fall(before first frost).  Succulents are part of the cactus family so they like it HOT and DRY!  If it rains, no need for you to water.  Succulents are great plants-if you forget to water them they will be okay.  Always plant in a cactus mix since they like well drained soil.

  • Hibiscus are very late to emerge in spring(late May/early June) you will see green growth at the base.  Once you see this growth, very quickly the hibiscus will grow.  Most varieties bloom in July thru September.  In the fall(around Halloween) cut the plant down to about 4-6 inches of wood.  Always place an additional reminder in the ground that there is a plant there since they are so late to emerge in spring.

  • Most definitely yes!  Here at Barthel’s Greenhouse we are happy to help every gardener.  Whether it’s your first plant or you’ve grown thousands.  We can all learn from each other by sharing tips and advice.  Containers are great for beginners.  We can help you design an herb planter that you will enjoy all season.