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We grow a variety of pears that start to ripen the beginning of September and usually ends mid November.  Please call to see what is ripe before driving out.

All pears should be stored in the refrigerator, unless you are going to eat or process all of them right away.

Color isn’t usually a great way to tell if a pear is ripe, because some pears don’t change color.  Some pears, like Bartlett’s will turn a nice yellow color, however, pears like Devoe’s stay green. The best way to tell if a pear is ripe is to gently apply pressure to the neck of the pear, near the stem.  It should be slightly soft.  You can also eat pears green and under ripe if you like them a bit more crunchy.  To ripen your pears, take as many as you need out of the refrigerator , and allow them to sit at room temperature for several days. The longer pears have been in cold storage, the faster they’ll ripen once they’re taken out. Once the pears are fully ripe, you should eat that pear sooner rather than later, ideally within a couple of days.  You can also put pears in a paper bag for a day if you want to speed up the ripening process.

Pears we grow...

VarietyHarvest SeasonFlavor
AuroraEarly SeptemberSweet smooth eating pear. Very delicate flavor. Has a buttery creamy texture when yellow.
BartlettMid-SeptemberSweet fine grained flesh. Excellent canning pear. Store in the refrigerator. Use when stem area is slightly soft. Set out at room temperature to ripen.
DevoeMid SeptemberHoney sweet and fine grained. This is a green skinned pear. Use when the top of the pear, right by the stem, is soft.
Flemish BeautyMid SeptemberVery sweet eating and canning pear. Delicate skin.
Red BartlettMid SeptemberA sweeter Bartlett pear. More flavor than the yellow Bartlett. Eat when under color turns from green to yellow.
Lincoln Late SeptemberCrisp and slightly tart. It crunches like an apple, but taste like a pear. Our best pear for making preservers!
Starks DeliciousEarly OctoberSemi crisp, sweet eating and canning pear. Makes excellent preserves, and holds it's slice in a jar.
ParkerEarly OctoberSweet and delicious. Bakes firm.
D'anjouLate OctoberThese are an all-purpose pear. They are juicy and sweet. Their dense flesh holds up well in heated applications like baking, poaching, roasting, or grilling and they are delicious when sliced fresh in salads.