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Growing Fruit Since 1840


The video is from the Michigan Agritourism Association.  But it gives fantastic tips on how to pick your own apples.

We begin our apple harvest early September and have already picked apples available through November.  Pick your own apples usually will begin around Labor Day and last till the end of October.  This does, however, depend on the weather and the size of our apple crop.  Please call or check the website for updates on what we are picking before driving out.

To keep apples tasting their freshest it’s very important to make sure you store them properly. Store apples in a cool, dry place, somewhere between 35 and 40 degrees is ideal. The crisping drawer of a refrigerator works best, but if there’s not enough refrigerator space available, a non heated basement, a garage, a shed, or other sheltered outdoor area is fine. But it is extremely important to not let the apples freeze! This breaks down their cells, and they will become mushy when thawed.

Apples we grow...

Apple NameHarvest SeasonDescription
PAULA REDEarly SeptemberCrisp, slighty tart eating and baking apple. Bakes firm. Holds it's slice (similar to a Cortland). Great pies and chunky sauce.
DANDEE REDEarly SeptemberTart eating and baking apple. Bright red. McIntosh flavor. Keeps 3 months (very long for its season). Keep refrigerated
ZESTAREarly SeptemberLight, sweet, crisp and juicy. Keeps well but best eatten quickly. Excellent sweet-tart balance with a brown sugar overtone.
GINGERGOLDMid SeptemberSweet/tart eating apple. Excellent early Golden type.
MOLLIESMid SeptemberCrisp and sweet! Suggested for eating only. Refrigerate.
MCINTOSHMid SeptemberSlighty tart eating and baking apple. One of our most popular apples. Cooks smooth and creamy. Slices fall apart in an apple pie. Store in refrigerator. Keeps into the winter.
CORTLANDEnd of SeptemberSweet with some acid. Crisp, white flesh. Bakes firm, stays in a slice. Great for pies and salads. Stores well if refrigerated.
BLONDEEEnd of SeptemberSweet, snappy wonderful eating. This is a 'better' Gala type apple. You will truly enjoy eating this sweet treat.
FUJIEnd of SeptemberSweet eating apple. Crisp and juicy!
GALAEnd of SeptemberSweet eating apple. Firm, crisp flesh. Store in refrigerator. Use in several weeks.
HONEYCRISPEnd of SeptemberCrisp, juicy, sweet / tart & tangy! Wonderful eating. Stores extremely well. Slow to brown. Bakes chunky. One of our best apples.
20oz PIPPINEarly OctoberTart and tangy apple with high acid. Our BEST pie apple. Yellow flesh. Bakes firm with some juice. Holds it's slice. Refrigerate. Use in several weeks.
CRIMSON CRISPMid OctoberCrimson Crisp's flavors: cane sugar and distant hints of melon, orange, and spice. Wonderfully breaking crisp flesh. It holds a lot of juice and has a very good sweet-tart balance. Our longest storing apple!
GOLDEN DELICIOUSMid OctoberSweet eating and baking apple. Thin delicate peel. Bakes firm and makes a chunky sauce. Holds it's shape. Excellent pie apple - you can use less sugar! Store inside a PLASTIC BAG in refrigerator.
IDA REDEnd of OctoberTart eating and baking. Our best storing apple. Bakes firm and makes a chunky sauce. Marvellous apple pies! Store in refrigerator. Keeps for months!
SNOW SWEETEnd of October Sweet, crisp eating apple. Very white flesh does not brown when cut! Bakes chunky, Stores well.