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Growing Fruit Since 1840

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Things will be a slightly different this year. So, how are we enforcing social distancing? We will be picking multiple fields at a time and spacing people every other row. We ask that you please respect our staff, whether adult or child, as they direct you to the field and your row. This is for everyone’s safety, including yours! We will also ask that you only pick with the people you drove with. This will help us with having large gatherings in the field.
    Can children still come? Absolutely! We just ask that you are extra mindful of their whereabouts and keep them close to you. Other customers need their space too! Thank you for your cooperation.
    Will we be requiring customers to wear masks? No, we are leaving it up to you as an individual if you would like to wear one or not. Why? We are concerned that with the mix of the heat and the physical activity that requiring all customers to wear mask may cause more health issues or cause people to pass out in the field from heat exhaustion. We ask, once again, that you just please be aware of your surroundings and respect other people’s personal space.
    What forms of payment will you be taking? We still prefer cash as payment and we also accept all credit and debit cards.
    Will you be offering pre picked berries and peas? We will only be offering pre picked peas, not strawberries.
    What will your hours be this year? Hours for the summer are always weather dependent and can vary depending on how ripe the berries are. Please check our hours daily before driving out. We also ask that you respect the posted business hours as we live and work here.
    Will your bakery still be open? Yes! Just please be respectful of those waiting in line and remember to distance yourselves. Biggest change with the bakery will be that it will be parked up by the greenhouse and not moved field to field as it has in the past.
    If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. 

  • Cash is preferred but we do accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and debit cards!

  • No, the government just passed a new food safety law that strictly forbids domesticated animals on a farm unless they are working animals.  (please see the Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule, for more details)

    Our dogs are classified as working animals, but they are no longer allowed inside the buildings or in the fields during harvest.

  • You are allowed one or two samples to taste.  You are not allowed to eat as many as you would like. Please remember this produce is the farmers paycheck and how we stay in business and pay our employees. Purchasing food at a farm is no different here than if you were buying it at a grocery store.  Grocery stores do not allow eating all you want before paying.  Thank you for your understanding.

  • No. We are a working farm and our family lives here.  For these reasons and for everyone’s safety we cannot have people just walking around the orchard when we are not open for pick your own.  Thank you for respecting our property and our posted business hours.  Here are some links for some nice nearby parks that you could enjoy a walk through!

  • No.  During strawberry season we provide you with boxes to pick into.  Our scales are set minus the weight of the box so you are only charged for the weight of your berries, never the container.

    Apple season we provide you with bags.  You have the option of picking either a 1 peck size bag (about 10 pounds) or a half bushel bag (about 20 pounds)

  • If you are coming with just a small group of people/family you do not need to make a reservation or call ahead.  If you would like to bring a school group, daycare, have a company picking party, ect please email 

    Sorry for any inconvenience but we are no longer taking reservations for school groups, daycare, ect. during strawberry season.

  • Other than the option to pick your own, we do not.

  • Yes!  The strawberries and peas are easy for a child of any age to pick.  During the fall, our apple trees have plenty of apples that hang low enough for a child to pick themselves.  And they can spend as long as they would like to search for the “perfect” pumpkin in the patch.  Please be mindful of their whereabouts and keep them close to you as there can be a lot of traffic and please have respect for the other customers that are picking as well.  Thank you for your cooperation

  • No we do not, but if you want to enter the orchard you must purchase a bag for picking and you have to pay for everything that you pick.  We do not allow people to just go into the orchard to take pictures/wander around if there is no intention on purchasing anything.  Thank you for your understanding.

  • No, it is roped off because the fruit on the trees and/or field is not ripe.  We also may be working in these areas. For your safety, and for the safety of our staff, please abide by the signs. The ripening fruit thanks you!

  • No we do not.

  • Sorry, but due to this being a working farm for your safety and our staffs we cannot have people in the orchard when we are closed.  Thank you for your understanding.

  • A peck bag of apples is about 10 pounds, or 1/4 of a bushel.

  • All fruit is sprayed, even organic.  We practice a method called Integrated Pest Management.  IPM is a decision-making process that utilizes all available pest management strategies to prevent economically damaging pest outbreaks.  Utilizing this program has allowed us to greatly minimize spray and environmental effects associated with pest management practices and grow safe food.  Also, in 2020 we  started a program called mating disruption in addition to IPM.  This will continue to helped us reduce our spraying even more!

    For more detailed information please visit:


  • No, I’m sorry we do not.  I recommend Minors Garden center in Brown Deer, they have a large selection of fruit trees to purchase.

  • No, I’m sorry we do not.

  • Yes we do!  You can either pick your own off the ground for a discounted price, or get them from inside the barn (pre picked deer apples are a limited supply, first come, first serve).  We also appreciate it if you bring your own containers to transfer the deer apples into.  Thank you!

  • In the fall our store will always remain open.  If it is lightening we will not allow people to pick their own.

    In the summer we will remain open during light rain but will close if there is threatening weather or lightning. If in doubt, please call before coming out. 262.242.2737

  • Strawberry season hours can change daily based on the weather, how many people come out to pick, and how quickly the berries ripen.  Please either call 262-242-2737, check our website or our Facebook page daily for current hours and before you drive out. Please respect the posted business hours as our family lives and works here.