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Discover the fun of perennials! Perennials are plants that come up year after year and provide a great variety of blossom colors and leaf textures that change with the seasons. Planting a variety of perennials that bloom at different times can create the backbone of your garden and will save you work down the road.  We have a wide selection of perennials for every location: sun to shade, tall to short, dry to wet soils.  Many of these perennials will attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.  Come early for the best selection!

Latin NameCommon name
Agastache Anise Hyssop (Multiple colors)
Allium proliferumOnion, Egyptian walking
AraliaSun King
AruncusMisty Lace
Asclepias IncarnataSwamp milkweed
Asclepias syriacaCommon milkweed
Asclepias tuberosaButterfly milkweed, multiple colors
Baptisia australisFalse indigo, blue
Buddleia davidiiButterfly bush "Nanho Blue"
Cantranthus rubraJupiter's beard (aka Red Valerian)
ClematisClematis, Multiple colors
CoreopsisTickseed, Multiple colors
DelphiniumDelphinium Multiple colors
Dianthus Dianthus, Multiple colors
DicentraBleeding heart, "Gold Heart"
DicentraBleeding Heart, White
Dicentra spectabilisOld-fashioned Bleeding Heart
Digitalis, foxglovedalmation purple
Echinacea purpureaConeflowers, Multiple colors
Frafraria vescaRed Alpine Strawberry
Gailardia x grandifloraBlanket flower "Arizona Sun"
Gaillardia x grandifloraBlanket flower "Arizona Red Shades"
GauraBantam Pink, tender perennial
Gallium odoratumSweet Woodruff
Grass, Calamag. acutifloraKarl Foerster Reed Grass
Grass, Calamagrostis brachytrichaKorean Feather Grass
HeucheraCoral Bells, Multiple colors
HibiscusMultiple colors
Hyssopus officinalisHyssop
Lavandula angustifolia Lavender, Hidcote
Lavandula angustifolia Lavender, Munstead
Lavandula x intermedia Lavender, Phenomenal
Lavender Goodwin Creek , tender perennial
LeucanthemumShasta Daisy "Becky"
LigulariaBritt Marie
Lobelia cardinalisCardinal Flower
Lupinus x polyphyllusmixed colors
Lychnis chalcedonicaMaltese cross
MonardaElectric Neon Pink, Bee Balm
Oenothera macrocarpa"Sun Drops" Missouri Primrose
OriganumOrnamental Oregano "Kent Beauty"
Papaver, poppiesVarious colors, tender perennial
Penstemon digitalisBeardtongue "Dark Towers"
PennistemonKarley Rose
Perovskia atriplicifoliaRussian Sage
Phlox paniculataPhlox, Multiple colors
Rudbeckia hirtaGloriosa Daisy "Indian Summer"
Salvia nemerosaSage "Caradonna"
Sempervivum tectorum hardy varietiesHens and Chicks
Thymus serpyllumMother of thyme
Thymus serpyllum pseudolanuginosisWoolly Thyme